If you prefer to invest in quality kitchen equipment for your upcoming project, then we truly are the one-stop solution for your requirements.

Our specialties are complete kitchen, restaurant and bar fit-outs, installation of refrigeration, catering equipment sales and reliable servicing. We only use the best equipment from major brands in our projects .We not only supply hospitality equipment for refurbishment projects ,but we also do installation services for our clients .The better the equipment installed, the lower the maintenance and repair costs in future.

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Commercial Kitchen Specialists– We can design your kitchen and select equipment best suited to your needs. Once you decide that your current café, restaurant etc need a refurbishment, one of our specialist Kitchen design consultant will visit your site to discuss your needs. We provide you with a design proposal and comprehensive quote that matches your budget, and once accepted, we work with you to complete your project on time and within budget. We also give advice to our clients when you need to choose the right premises for your upcoming restaurant and café.


We are an approved dealer for many kitchen brands, including, but not limited to the following:

As approved dealers, we can source the best prices for out clients, in fact we guarantee the lowest price for all commercial kitchen equipments

Our Service Pillars

Liteco Projects are one of the leading fitout companies in Sydney, providing unique solutions to our clients. We are a team of highly experienced shopfitters and interior designers, focussing on commercial refits in Sydney and across Australia.

We specialise in the design and installation of hospitality fitouts, recently completing projects in Sydney’s Westfield Shopping Centres, QVB , World Square Centre and Sydney Airport Terminal.

As a one-stop refit shop, we are a full-service company - we take care of everything!
From selecting the right premises to planning applications, design, joinery and more.

We are also well known for our on-trend office refurbishments, retail fitouts and luxury residential revamps. Our reputation is second to none and we always deliver on time and within budget.


The perfect cheat sheet for opening your own café or restaurant – Part B

In Part A, we covered your business plan and now in Part B, we take a look at the final steps needed to start your own restaurant or café.

These steps begin with engaging the best interior project specialists for your new restaurant or café fitout in Sydney and ends with the launch of your business!

1.  Arrange your restaurant or café fitout in Sydney

With your business plan and funds organised, your next step is to hire interior project specialists to start your restaurant or cafe fitout. This includes the front end with its furniture and décor, as well as the back end kitchen and all the necessary equipment.

2.  Select the best POS for your situation

Now that your cafe fitout is well on its way to completion, you need to organise your Point of Service or POS as it’s usually called in the industry. This is a computerised system that helps you track sales, food inventories and cash flow for your business. It will make your bookkeeping and tax much easier at the end of the month.

3.  Organise food and liquor supplies

You might not be selling alcohol at your establishment, but if you are then it’s time to organise these suppliers, as well as suppliers for your food. Finding reliable providers is an important part of a successful business venture, so it pays to take your time and get it right.

4.  Hire staff for front of house and kitchen

Now is the time to hire a manager for your restaurant or café, as well as all the staff for the front end and kitchen. Having staff on board (particularly the chef) will help you with the final step in your venture, outlined below.

5.  Test your new menu on staff, family and friends

Your cafe fitout should be nearing completion, so it’s time to design and test your initial menu. This will also allow you to spot check your new suppliers for quality and reliability.

With all ten steps covered, you are now ready to launch your new café or restaurant!

For amazing restaurant and café fitouts, contact Sydney’s interior project specialists at Liteco Projects on 02 8068 1755


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The perfect cheat sheet for opening your own café or restaurant – Part A

If you’re thinking of opening your own restaurant or café, you need a solid business plan before you start looking for interior project specialists.

So in Part A of our cheat sheet we cover the five steps you need to create a business plan for your new venture. It’s not until Part B that we cover restaurant and café fitouts in Sydney, as well as the remaining steps that need to be completed before launching your new business.

At the end, you will have a ten-step cheat sheet to starting your own restaurant or café!

1.  What type of restaurant or café do you want?

You might have a preference for a fast food restaurant, casual dining, organic café, family restaurant or even fine dining, but what does the market need? Match your location with what people want and you have a goldmine!

2.  Identify the regulations that apply in your location

Each state or territory has its own regulations, permits and compliance standards that cover the sale of food and liquor, as well as food safety. Check these out and know exactly what’s expected of your restaurant or café.

3.  How will you fund your new business?

Make sure you have enough funds to pay for everything for at least six months, including your restaurant or café fitout, utilities, staff wages, food, liquor, marketing, rent and licences. Forecast your cashflow needs and make sure you can last until you start making a profit.

4.  Identify the right location and look at leases

Your success can rely heavily on your location, so do your research and find a site that is popular with people, as well as easily accessible with parking and transport nearby.

5.  How will you brand and market your business?

You also need to have your branding message organised before you contact interior project specialists. This means that once you have your new lease and commence the fitout, you can start marketing your new café or restaurant, building momentum for your awesome launch!

In Part B of our cheat sheet we cover the final steps for making your dream a reality!

For amazing restaurant and café fitouts, contact Sydney’s interior project specialists at Liteco Projects on 02 8068 1755

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How to increase revenue with these new cafe fitouts

There are two ways to increase your café’s revenue in Sydney. One way is to move to a better location where there is plenty of foot traffic. The other is to invest in your business by focussing on the latest trends in café fitouts.

As interior projects specialists, we keep our finger on the pulse of all the latest innovations and trends in the hospitality industry. Our clients benefit because they know that their new refurbishment will engage their customers and grow their business. So if you are ready to revamp your café, here are three of the easiest trends to follow.

Focus on comfort

Some of the best café fitouts in Sydney are those that make people feel as if they are in a comfortable living room. So instead of cramming as much seating as possible into your café, consider a range of stylish sofas and armchairs, low set coffee tables, floor lamps, book cases, and so on. This design style encourages customers to linger in your café, meet up with friends, and tell everyone about the wonderful time they spent there!

Mixing textures

It’s time to move away from heavily themed café fitouts in Sydney and focus on textures. More specifically, you want to layer all these delicious textures on top of one another so that you overwhelm your customers with delight! This means combining old timbers with new, concrete floors with plush rugs, recycled chairs with new sofas, copper, iron, glass and marble. This approach will give your café a unique look and feel, which is what customers love!

Industrial & unfinished

Mixing an industrial and unfinished design with a focus on comfort and textures can take your café to the next level. At Liteco Projects, we recognise that café fitouts focussing on an industrial and unfinished theme have been trending in Sydney for a few years.

This is mainly because it’s a very functional and practical design. The way to make this interior your own, however, is to use the latest trends as your inspiration, layering textures and introducing comfort to create a vibe that draws customers into your cafe.

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7 Sep 2020

Are there really any advantages working from home?

With a focus on work-life balance, many companies have been slowly investing in office fitouts and refurbishments that focus on flexibility and adaptability.

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, however, we are likely to see a much bigger emphasis on these type of office fitouts. That’s because many employees are now working from home and may continue to do so as restrictions ease.

Many others, however, may return to the office, whether that’s on a full-time basis or splitting their time between the office and home.

So what are the benefits to a business owner when some of their employees work from home? Are there any disadvantages of this business model?

Benefits of a work from home business model

One of the biggest benefits of a work from home business model is a reduction in infrastructure costs. For example, you don’t need to lease such large office spaces and when you need to pay for office fitouts, less space equates to less costs.

However, with social distancing likely to be with us for the foreseeable future, you will also need to focus on interior design and refurbishments that promote this new way of working.

Other advantages of this business model are that your employees are generally happier with their work-life balance. Productivity increases, attrition reduces and fewer sick days are taken.

Another benefit is that employers can hire people based on their skill-set, regardless of their location.

Disadvantages of a work from home business model

Working from home doesn’t suit everyone.

As a business owner you don’t want to lose control of your employees, so you need a business model that supports this way of working.

For example, Skype and Zoom can be used for meetings and team collaborations; targets and goals will need to be closely monitored, and insurances and security issues addressed.

Do you need help with interior design for your office fitouts or refurbishments? Liteco Projects can help your company redesign your office spaces with a focus on social distancing, flexibility and adaptability to a new working environment.

Please contact us for a free quote, call us on 02 8068 1755, email us at or complete our online enquiry form.
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