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In addition to general commercial fit-out projects, LITECO specialises and possesses an enviable track record in designing works for the Hospitality and Food Service Industry.

*Over the past several years, LITECO have completed many major hospitality Fitout projects in Sydney which include:

  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Cafes
  • Food Courts
  • Take Away
  • Hotels
  • Food processing facilities
  • Cooking school and more.

* LITECO experts in all kinds of commercial kitchen equipments and extensive knowledge in grease traps requirements, kitchen exhaust requirements, food safety regulations, fire safety regulations and BCA regulations.

*LITECO not only installs kitchen equipment but also has direct dealership arrangements with all major kitchen equipment manufacturers. This enables us to supply all kinds of kitchen equipments with”Lowest Price Guarantee” together with the projects.

* LITECO also has extensive expertise in the installation of other related equipment, these include:

  • POS
  • Music system and Projectors
  • Outdoor heating
  • Water features
  • Custom wine cellar
  • Wine dispensing machine
  • Live seafood tank
  • Sushi conveyors
  • Beer & Soft drink post mix and others

Liteco offers hospitality fitouts in all major parts of Sydney. We have been successfully executing our business operations while the business of hospitality fitouts has been booming and expanding for the last few years. Hospitality fitouts from Liteco offer a wide range of services to assist our clients with all aspects of the installation, maintenance and management of their function, conference and meeting facilities, plus specialised expertise in designing. We are committed to achieving excellence through customer service and ongoing support.

Liteco Projects is an award-winning restaurant fit-out company with a reputation for creating high-quality, multi-standard commercial interiors. Our approach to restaurant design and hospitality design projects provides a design/build service that is cohesive and seamless from start to finish. Whether you’re working with Liteco on a comprehensive restaurant refurbishment or just a single aspect of your design, you’ll have complete control over the process. We also have a solution for conscious clients who need a restaurant design and build and deliver key services in Sydney.

We, at Liteco Projects, are a team of dedicated people committed to achieving your success. Our experience, reputation, innovative products, and can-do attitude have made us a leader in restaurant fit out for many years. We specialise in custom design, product supply and project management – from designing your dream restaurants to finally installing Kitchen equipment at your restaurant. With numerous clients all around Sydney who value our expertise, we are proud to be the best at what we do. As an experienced restaurant designer, we can create a new space from scratch and deliver our client’s concept, and brand proposition. Cover all your bases by choosing the Liteco Projects for your restaurant design and build. 

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Hospitality fit-out is the commercial fit-out service for hospitality business such as Food courts, restaurants, bars, takeaway outlets and much more. Liteco projects are the specialists in this field. We provide all kinds of hospitality fit-out in Sydney. We offer hospitality design in Sydney and surrounding areas.

Yes, you can stay during the restaurant fit-out in Sydney. We carefully plan restaurant design in Sydney so that you can utilise your restaurant space while the fit-out project is going on.

 We have good contacts with all the major dealers and distributors of kitchen equipment in Australia. We also supply kitchen equipment at the lowest possible price

Yes, we do have all the necessary licenses as a commercial fit-out company in Sydney. We can undertake all kinds of restaurant fit-out in Sydney and across Australia.

The charges for restaurant design in Sydney may vary depending upon the nature of the work, restaurant layout, planning, interiors and much more. However, it may cost around $3,500 to $12,500 depending on the total area and scope of works. We are one of the best companies for hospitality design in Sydney.


13 Dec 2021

How to maximise your restaurant bookings during the Christmas Season

Boost your covers & revenue whilst keeping safe this Christmas

As interior project specialists, we know that hospitality owners want to maximise their covers over the Christmas Season. However, you’re faced with the need to balance the health needs of your customers and staff with trying to service as many customers as possible.

So how can you achieve all these goals this festive season?

Well, we’ve been faced with the same dilemma in our latest restaurant and café fitouts in Sydney. So why not take a leaf out of our book and leverage our expertise?

Here are our top three tips for boosting your covers and revenue, whilst keeping everyone healthy and safe this holiday season.

1. Optimise seating arrangements

Given the ongoing need for social distancing, you need to think of ways to expand your dining options. So is there space in a rear garden, roof top or sidewalk for diners? Is there space inside that isn’t utilised efficiently? Can you install smaller and more slimline tables and chairs that allow for social distancing but still keep the covers high? Our recent restaurant and café fitouts in Sydney have used at least one of these strategies to great effect.

2. Increase hygiene & cleanliness

Rundown and worn out furniture and fittings not only discourages customers, but also promotes the impression that you might be as lax with your hygiene standards.

The easiest way to turn this around and give your customers confidence in your hygiene is to refurbish with new furniture and fittings, making sure they are quickly and easily cleanable. As interior project specialists, we have recently started using more timber elements in our client’s makeovers, because it’s less of a problem with the COVID virus than other materials.


3. Encourage bookings when it’s quiet

Every café and restaurant has quiet periods during the week, so why not offer two for the price of one or free deserts during these times? Many families and couples look for these type of offers, particularly around the festive season. It’s a great way to increase bookings and revenue at times that don’t normally lead to many covers.

Liteco Projects are the leading interior project specialists for restaurant and café fitouts in – call us to find out more.



Speak to our expert team about restaurant fitouts and design. Contact us on 02 8068 1755

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10 Oct 2021

Using Colour Psychology to Boost Café Fitouts in 2021

180724 liteco Yokocho 015 scaled

With Sydney now focussing on living with COVID, it’s time for life to return to normal.

This normality, however, doesn’t guarantee the return of customers to your café nor the numbers needed to achieve your bottom line. So what can you do to give your café a competitive edge?

This is where café fitouts can make a huge difference to your revenue. That’s because you can leverage the psychology of colour to influence the way customers interact with your business.

Using colour psychology in café fitouts

Along with location, café fitouts have a huge impact on the success of a business, so it’s no surprise that colour is such a big factor. In fact, colour is one of the most affordable ways to change the ambiance of a café and clever business owners use the psychology of colour to subtly influence their customers.

Do you want to increase your turnover rate? There’s a colour for that. Want customers to relax, linger and spend more money? There’s a colour for that. Want to promote a healthy menu? There’s a colour for that!

Here’s a few colour palettes that are already being used in café fitouts to boost revenue in post-lockdown Sydney.

Red & Yellow:

These colours elevate the heart rate and blood pressure and get people to move! So if you want to increase turnover in your café and there’s a high footfall in your area, introducing elements of red and yellow will do the trick.

190620 liteco malatang 004 scaled

Green & Brown:

For cafes with a dining area, green and brown colours are great for encouraging customers to sit and relax, chat and linger.

cafe fitout ideas to increase revenue

They are also perfect for promoting healthy, fresh food, so if that’s your menu, then consider adding elements of these colours during your next café fitout.

euston 008 scaled

Blue & Purple:

These are tricky colours for cafes, because they tend to make you thirsty, rather than hungry. However, blue and purple are ideal for take-away coffee shops who focus on the quality of their coffee, rather than on providing food.

At Liteco Projects, we use colour psychology to maximise the benefits of café fitouts for our Sydney clients.

Speak to our expert team about restaurant fitouts and design. Contact us on 02 8068 1755

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14 Sep 2021

Strategies for reopening your restaurant post COVID

QR code menu

If you are hoping to reopen your restaurant soon, it might be wise to speak to an interior projects specialist about a new and updated hospitality fitout.

That’s because COVID is highly transmissible, particularly in enclosed spaces, and is likely to be a legitimate concern to both your staff and customers.

At Liteco, we know exactly what needs to be done to help make your restaurant as safe as possible in a post COVID world. So given that we need to live with the virus for the foreseeable future, here are a few of the strategies you should consider for your updated hospitality fitout.



Check your state or territory’s COVID restrictions for the maximum number of customers allowed in your restaurant at one time.


Redesign the floor so that it can accommodate social distancing between tables and allow customers to safely walk through the restaurant to the bar, toilets, and so on.


Reduce transmission rates by using disposable paper menus, chalk boards or digital menus (the latter can be accessed using a QR code on each table).

QR code menu


Encourage people to pre-order before arriving at the restaurant to reduce the amount of time they are in an enclosed space.


Maximise any outdoor spaces to accommodate al fresco dining and install outdoor heaters if necessary.

180911 lc Greenhouse 014


Replace furnishings and surfaces that are time consuming to clean with low-maintenance options that can be quickly sanitised and disinfected.

During your hospitality fitout, however, you need to ensure that the decor and ambiance of your restaurant are not jeopardised. That’s because reducing the number of tables and seats, combined with installing furnishings and surfaces that can be easily sanitised may give your restaurant a slightly clinical appearance. It takes a highly skilled team of interior projects specialists to balance these different aspects and create a design that still represents your brand, appeals to your customers and keeps everyone safe.


Speak to our expert team about restaurant fitouts and design. Contact us on 02 8068 1755

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6 Sep 2021

Boost employee confidence with post COVID office refurbishments

Office Fitouts Liteco

With the rising cost of commercial real estate, office refurbishments in the post COVID world will help operators scale back their requirements and boost employee confidence in one fail swoop.

That’s because with the continuation of remote working, flexi spaces will become more popular with operators, reducing the costs of leases and office fitouts.

Employees will also be happier with their work-life balance, spending a few days working at home and a few days using the flexi spaces in their place of employment.

Here are three more refurbishments that will help keep your employees safe and comfortable in the office, post COVID.

Office refurbishments will include separated workstations

Open plan work spaces have never really been popular with employees, but can be adapted, post COVID, to create more separation and privacy.

New office refurbishments might involve installing privacy booths so that employees can take phone calls without disrupting their colleagues.

Refurbishments can also involve installing panels between socially distanced workstations creating a physical separation, promoting a healthier environment even with a fully vaccinated workforce.

Hygiene & cleanliness as a prime factor in office fitouts

COVID has made us all more aware of hygiene in the workplace, so expect office fitouts to include more options for hand washing, as well as soft furnishings and flooring that can withstand a high level of cleaning. Air conditioning will also be a big focus with the installation of UV light air purifiers gaining more momentum.

High-tech refurbishments promote a contactless office

Social distancing and hand washing can be taken up a level by including aspects of a contactless office in your refurbishments.

This design strategy focuses on reducing the number of surfaces, appliances and equipment that employees need to touch.

For example, how many people touch the elevator buttons in your building? What about the kettle, fridge and other appliances in the lunch room? The printer, fax or scanner? Voice activation or smartphone apps can be used to activate an amazing array of functions in the workspace, reducing contact and making communal areas safer.

office fitouts

If you are interested in Office Fitouts – please contact us on 02 8068 1755

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